We’re here!

Bleurgh! So I just sat down to write this first blog post and what does Boy go and do? That’s right, he throws himself onto the bed without even the hint of a backward glance to check for anybody in his way. Bloody typical, I should know by now to keep well out that clumsy idiot’s way. He literally almost knocked the stuffing out of me…

 Anyway. I’m Kluk, a teddy bear from The Czech Republic and I’ve brought my two kids, who I’ll call Boy and Girl, on the journey of a lifetime to Chiang Mai in Thailand. We’ve just arrived after a hellish journey on which they told me we passed through Amsterdam and Bangkok (shamefuly, I was imprisoned in a suitcase all the while).

First impressions of Chiang Mai are promising. Today they took me to the old city to get a taste of our new home. As neither Boy or Girl know how to drive they had to walk all the way there along extremely busy roads with Girl practicing her favourite tutting sounds and shouting ‘get in line’ to Boy (Everybody here seems to own a scooter and enjoy racing them without helmets along narrow streets with no pavements).

After Boy and Girl spent nearly 30 minutes trying to cross the main road outside the old city, we finally found our way to a cute little cafe called something to do with cats (they weren’t lying, there was actually a cat there) where I watched them eat a delicious looking meal.

 It’s very hot here, the kids seem to like it and I won’t complain after living in the arctic conditions of Prague for so long, but I do worry about the effect it will have on my fur (any suggestion for potential cures are welcome) and, of course, on Boy’s.

We also checked out the trendy Nimmanhaemin area which is packed with cafes and cool-looking restaurants. We stopped in a cafe called Nine One Coffee which was particularly cool, with maxed out air-con reminding all three of us of Prague, so the kids quickly decided to sit outside (the decision process goes like this, Boy mumbles a vague wish to do something, Girl tells him what’s going to actually happen). The coffee and ice tea went down well and Boy surprised both myself and Girl by navigating us successfully back to our new home (which claims to be a drug den, but has a nice swimming pool with no sign of any drugs yet).

All in all, a tiring but exciting day with lots of news sights, sounds and smells (not all of them coming from the kids). Time for some sleep, perhaps I can even beat Boy’s 13 hours last night!

Until next time,


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