Settling in

Our third full day in Chiang Mai and we’re feeling settled and relaxed. I’m a teddy bear of leisure so I can’t say that my daily stress level looks much different to what I was used to in Arctic Prague, but the kids simply will not shut up about how great ‘freedom’ feels.

So what have we been up to? Here are a few highlights…

We discovered a little Thai restaurant near the apartment serving local dishes such as green or red curry with chicken and rice for 35 baht, which is INSANELY cheap. Boy is colour blind, and I suspect he has no idea what he’s eating. Doesn’t stop him asking for more, though.

Girl led us on a expedition yesterday to an important cultural landmark. Tesco. After a thorough examination of the premises we were able to conclude that this Tesco bears a striking resemblance to every other Tesco in the world (with better fruit). Girl is currently working on a side project: find coconut oil, but so far it has not been a success (bizarre as they seem to sell it everywhere).

Boy has been gingerly approaching the tiny swimming pool at the apartment. He swims a bit like a dog experiencing water for the very first time, which is very entertaining but I’m not sure if it constitutes a ‘fitness regime’. Girl tested out the gym with smoother results, six minutes on one of those walky-pully machines is much better then I’ve ever managed, anyway.

Nobody told me it would be so wet here. I’m seriously worried for my fur. When Boy toddled off to get take away from our new favourite restaurant yesterday evening, it rained so hard he ended up stranded there until one of the waitresses took pity and gave him an umbrella.

In other news, we’ve still not worked out how to cross roads yet and I’m considering making the kids get me one of those air filter masks, sported by some of the cooler Thai kids, to avoid getting high on carbon monoxide.

Also, I overheard them talking about going for a massage:

1) They had better take me with them, I LIVE for massages.
2) Does Boy not remember what happened last time he went for a massage?!

Ok, that’s enough for today. Talk to you soon,


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