A café to touch a teddy bear’s soul

What’s up?!

It’s been an action packed few days to say the least. More rain, insects the size of a teddy bear’s head and…laundry!

This week so far has involved a lot of sitting by the pool ‘working’ (looks a lot like procrastination to me, but I can’t exactly talk) and eating delicious-looking take aways that cost less than it takes to use a public toilet in London.

Monday did, however, include one of the highlights of our time in Chiang Mai so far. We discovered what is quite probably the best cafe in the world. It’s called Cafe Bearista (get it?) and is run by a giant teddy bear and his two children. He’s a top guy, we had a good little chinwag (and a little cuddle) and got on famously. He adopts a similar approach to supervision as mine, laissez faire. He sits around all day collecting tips (always be where the money is) while they do all the work. Great minds. It’s a brilliant place and we’ll certainly be back. Good coffee too, according to Boy.

The weather has been mixed. I was promised blue skies on tap before we made the hellish journey from Prague. Well, there’s definitely a tap involved, and someone has been leaving it on. I’ve never seen anything like it. Boy, who is from England, says the same, which I think tells you everything you need to know. On the other hand, it’s wonderfully hot. I’m no spring chicken and the warmer climate is doing me the world of good (but what about those damned massages I’ve been promised?).

On Tuesday we visited a café closer to home for breakfast. Hilariously, Boy not only failed to get his full breakfast order, he then got attacked by a kitten. I think we all know who the real pussy was there. Despite the lack of breakfast for Boy and the mortified expression on Girl’s face as she picked her way through a slightly underdone fried egg, I was impressed. Boy’s pancakes, sans bacon + eggs, came with maple syrup rather than bananas, much to his relief, and were apparently delicious. The service there is friendly and the outdoor area is pleasant. Possibly a new default breakfast option.

Tuesday’s other major highlight was the laundry mission. I don’t use the word mission lightly. Since arriving at our drug-den-that’s-not-a-drug-den accommodation last week, the kids have been steadily building an extremely stinky pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the room. Eventually, with Boy already on his second underwear-less day, I put my paw down and sent them off to get their clothes washed.

You would think that would be pretty simple. Wrong. First, Girl wanted to walk all the way to the Old City to use a launderette she found on the internet. Weird, because she appears to hate walking and it makes her feet dirty. Then Boy insisted on exploring the local area for a nearby launderette leading to much angry tutting sounds from Girl and lots of walking around similar looking streets in circles. When they eventually found a couple of launderettes, they completely failed to make themselves understood and were just about to give up when they stumbled across one more place. Thankfully, the smart lady in this launderette prevented any more fannying about by grabbing the washing bags out of the kids’ hands and proceeding to sort through their dirty underwear there and then in front of them. On a darker note, walking back from the launderette I was horrified to discover a teddy bear prison on the street. Solidarity to you, my imprisoned brothers and sisters, I hope you can be free soon.

I’m pleased to report that Girl was able to collect their newly clean clothes from aforementioned underwear-sorting lady this afternoon and the kids smell lovely. For the time being.

On a completely unrelated side note. I saw an absolutely massive butterfly yesterday by the pool. I was tempted to ask it for a lift back to the room, but it looked hostile.

Anyway, that’s quite enough for today. Talk to you later.



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