New friends, sweaty backs and massages

Well hello everybody!

I’ll be honest. I’m pissed off. Guess who went to the massage parlour on Friday night? Yep. Boy, Girl and Yours Truly. Guess who actually received a massage at aforementioned massage parlour? Clue. NOT BLOODY ME. To add salt to a bleading gash, guess who spent an hour crumpled in a bag next to a certain hairy, clumsy oath (who may or may not be called Boy) while THEY received a massage? Not even answering that…

At least it sounded like it hurt.

Anyway, I’m not a teddy bear to hold grudges, so let’s move on and I’ll make an effort to stop sniggering every time I hear Boy complaining of a “twinge” in his shoulder. Man up.

So the big news from last week… Boy found himself an online job. Don’t worry, I was shocked too.

Consequently, Girl and I have been off exploring on our own. Far more efficient, to be honest. Our best discovery was certainly the local market (known as Siri Wattana). What a brilliant place! I’ve never seen such a variety of fruit. They have one of type fruit which is apparently so smelly, you actually see signs at places like hotels and cafes forbidding you from taking it inside with you (I wonder if it smells any worse than our room on a bad day). It’s not just the fruit, either. There’s a huge range of delicious meat and vegetarian curries, spring rolls, cakes and much more. It’s ridiculously cheap and the portions are massive. Love.

Friday was the massage night. It started so promisingly with a tasty meal at a vegetarian restaurant in the Old Town (I got chatting to a massive hedgehog. Very friendly, if a little bit simple). I’d rather not go into the massage thing again but at least the night was partly salvaged by a very exciting journey home in a death wagon. I call it a death wagon because it has a gaping hole where the back ought to be. Thankfully Girl was holding me rather than Boy. Highly recommended for anyone into roller-coasters.

The weekend was arse-numbingly boring to start with. Lots of sitting around in the room enduring a god-awful music channel on the TV. Boy was working on Saturday (honestly, the Kids sold this whole traveling malarky to me as a holiday… I’m so naive), and Girl was ‘job hunting’ (I didn’t realise there were job postings on Instagram…).

But, today (Sunday) has more than made up for it. First of all, kudos to Girl for making Boy carry two laptops in a backpack all day as we walked around (well, they walked… I rode) in the intense Chiang Mai sunshine. Let’s just say that I’ve never seen a sweatier back in my life. Girl and I found this very amusing. We explored the Nimmanhemin district which is famous for having lots of trendy cafes and restaurants. But, more importantly, we went to the mall. Initially, I shared Boy’s horror at the prospect, but I soon understood Girl’s angle: the mall had its very own Teddy Bear Sanctuary!!! Genius. I made so many new friends! Apparently, Thai people love teddy bears so they get treated with a huge amount of respect. Ironically, Thai people are generally quite small but their teddy bears are massive. Work that one out. We also visited the Sunday Market in the Old City again like last week. Guess what the Kids had to eat? That’s right. Exactly the same as last time.

Anyway, that’s more than enough from me. Just wanted to give a quick shout to my brothers and sisters back home in Olomouc. Wish you guys were out here with me, you’d love it. *Frantisek, I’ll try to persuade Girl to send you some smelly fruit so you can see if it smells any worse than Olomouc cheese  🙂




2 thoughts on “New friends, sweaty backs and massages

    • Thanks Bundle! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I laugh out loud a lot too. Not necessarily at my own writing but normally when the kids have spent more than ten minutes trying to cross a road. That gets me going. And when I’m being tickled, but that’s less funny. Anyway, I’ll pass on your regards. Come back soon! Kluk


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