Rats and the ongoing laundry saga

Aye oop me dooks (Boy taught me that)!

First of all, a quick update on the ongoing laundry debacle. After more than three failed trips to the launderette, the Kids finally succeeded in persuading the laundry lady to take their smelly clothes off their hands. This was Wednesday. Hilariously, the clothes will not be ready until Friday evening. Let’s just say that the Kids were in desperate need of new clothes on Tuesday. I can’t confirm for definite, but I am verging on certain that Boy has not worn underwear for three days…

Otherwise, this week has been business as usual for the three of us. Boy’s ridiculously random writing job has kept him busy and stressed. In the last day alone he has apparently written articles on sex toys, gay dating and… real estate in New York.

In other interesting news, Girl went for a haircut yesterday. It was probably about time. Not because her hair looked bad (I would kill for her hair), but because the percentage of her waking hours spent tutting in front of the mirror in our room was reaching approximately 25%. For her own good she needed to get some of it chopped off and I have to say she looks splendido.  The haircut cost 17.14 red curries. Scandalous.

The Kids also apparently found a beautiful new cafe in Nimmanhaemin, called Healthy B Cafe. Why do I say ‘apparently’? BECAUSE THEY LEFT ME UNDER A BLOODY PILLOW IN THE ROOM. I mean, how am I supposed to write this shit with no material?

Girl made amends for that little slip up by preparing a wonderful breakfast of exotic thai fruit this morning. It was dee-lish, teddybears love fruit. And, she brought me some beautiful flowers. I actually think Boy was a bit jealous (or he just didn’t notice, too busy reviewing dildos – not literally).

Before leaving Prague, Girl made a lot of noise about bringing a food blender with her to Thailand for making smoothies. The blender is currently hidden in a draw like an aged life-sentence prisoner offered the faintest hint of blissful freedom only to be slammed into solitary confinement on the supposed day of his release. I sincerely hope the poor old blender will be unshackled from its chains soon (yes Girl, that is what we call a ‘hint’).

Oh yeah, we saw an actual rat the other day! Humour me a little bit on this one, but it was my first ever (real) rat (my brother Frantisek is also a rat, but much cleaner). Boy made a kind of man-scream as it scuttled along the gutter. I actually thought it was rather cute (the rat, not the scream). It was very large, though. I’m not a betting teddy, but if I were, I wouldn’t like to bet on the outcome of a fight between the rat and one of the scrawny looking cats that enjoy keeping us awake at night.

Right, that’s enough from me for now. The Kids are planning all kinds of exciting weekend activities (or so they tell me), so next time we talk I’m sure I’ll have lots to tell you, if they actually remember to take me with them this time, that is.





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