Jeepers, CREEPERS!

Hello everyone!

It’s our last full week in Chiang Mai before heading over to Kuala Lumpur for a bit (the Kids won’t say for how long). Girl is already in a state of high excitement, apparently the malls there include “every shop you could possibly imagine.”

The look of pure enthusiasm on Boy’s face upon hearing those words was akin to that of a neglected labrador about to be taken for ‘walkies’ for the first time in a month.


Anyway, this week has been extremely chilled so far, not that I’m complaining, although Boy has been waking us all up at 7:00 every morning when he gets up to go for his daily swim with the dead insects in the tiny outdoor pool.

Girl, however, seems to need more sleep at that time of the morning but still has enough energy and alertness to tut loudly at any unwelcome sounds (we’ve finally succeeded in training boy to close the bathroom door, at least).

What else? As I’m feeling lazy, here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened over the last few days:

Favourite new places:

The Kids like to ‘work’ in cafes and we found a couple of great new places. Healthy B Cafe is one of the friendliest places we’ve been to so far. When they’re charging that much for a cappuccino, I suppose they can afford to smile (I’m kidding!). Girl seems to think that inclusion of the word ‘healthy’ means that eating multiple delicious cookies there is actually good for her. How sweet (but at least she shares!).

Ristr8to Cafe is cool and edgy. It’s the first place we’ve been to in Chiang Mai that plays real music rather than bed-wetting cover compilations. Seating is outdoor, but it’s nicely cooled with fans and the iced coffee is to die for.

Funniest moment

Boy running out of clothes again (but I’m pleased to report that the Kids seem to have worked out the laundry process at last).

‘What have I been doing with my life all these years’ moment

Boy let out a little yelp of joy when he first realised that Premier League football was available on the TV in our room. Now I understand what all the fuss is about…

Creepiest creepers: 

Our room is on the ground floor, meaning that staff often have to walk past our back door. Most of them mind their own business but one of them STARES into our room as he walks past and it’s extremely creepy. I’ve tried staring back but to no effect. No more naked Wednesdays in this place.

Have a great weekend!




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