So many pancakes

Word up!

Still loving the relaxed pace of life on the Thai Island of Ko Chang. It’s just a shame I can’t tan like the Kids (you should see Boy’s feet!) because we’re racking up significant beach hours… and even more pancakes.

Is it healthy to eat a whole pancake, drowning in maple syrup and accompanied by a scrumptious slice of crispy bacon, every morning? I’m sceptical, but Boy seems convinced and is putting his theory to the test at our new favourite breakfast venue – Stone Free (the name itself is enough to make me love the place, I’m probably Jimi Hendrix’s number 1 teddy bear devotee).

I’ve also had reason to practice my quizzical expression at the Kids’ increased consumption of ice lollies. Yes it’s hot here, but I’m not sure Cornettos are always the answer.

Although the weather is generally good, it’s still intent on maintaining a schedule of one watery temper tantrum each day (a bit like Girl. Kidding!). The Kids were trapped for half an hour the other evening in a restaurant across the street as the rain came down so hard, there was literally a river flowing down the road. Happily for Boy, the football was on so he just settled down to watch the game while Girl returned to her first love: Instagram.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the last few days:

Monkey business

Girl freaked out at a bunch of monkeys sitting (apparently aggressively) in the middle of the road on our way back from the beach and insisted on turning back to walk the “scenic route” involving an increasingly flooded pathway and then a rickety bridge made out of a few wooden planks. The obvious question, how can Girl be afraid of monkeys and yet happily share a room with Boy?

Milkshake brings Boy to the yard?

Talking of Boy, guess who got touched by a prostitute on his way to the shop last night?! “Not in that way!” he insisted as he described something more akin to a half-hearted rugby tackle as he passed the ‘karaoke bar’ on the way to get ice lollies from the shop (you see!). But the gormless grin pasted to his face screamed “still got it!” Girl just rolled her eyes and returned to thinking up ever-more obscure hastags.

Pizza the action

As if pancakes aren’t enough, Boy has also been craving pizza since arriving in South East Asia. Although this urge was partially sated when the Kids shared a nibble-sized portion after going to the cinema in Kuala Lumpur, both Girl and I were getting distinctly fed up with his moaning and hinting every time we passed a restaurant claiming to serve pizza. Girl finally broke and allowed Boy to take her out for her name day meal (and he allowed her to pay when it turned out the restaurant didn’t take card) where he gorged on a sizable margharita AND helped himself to Girl’s fries. His verdict? “Reasonable.” There’s just no pleasing some people.


My favourite aspect of living on Ko Change is sitting on a cafe terrace watching the sunset melt over the ocean. It’s truly beautiful and I only wish my brothers and sisters back in Olomouc could be here to share it with me, especially as the Kids seem to enjoy watching it through their phones!


Right, time to get on. I’ve overheard the Kids discussing where we’re heading next which implies we may be moving on soon, although I would happily stay here for a long time. It seems I was born for island life.

Talk to you soon,



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