So many pancakes

Word up!

Still loving the relaxed pace of life on the Thai Island of Ko Chang. It’s just a shame I can’t tan like the Kids (you should see Boy’s feet!) because we’re racking up significant beach hours… and even more pancakes. Continue reading


Beach, please


Just checkin’ in to say/gloat that the Kids and I finally made it to the beach. As I write this we’re gazing out to sea from the terrace of a cafe not far from Lonely Beach in Ko Chang, Thailand. The island is edging towards the end of its low season so the whole place is actually rather lonely at the moment, but apparently this area gets quite energetic when the backpackers stream in from November onwards. Continue reading

The South East Asian Haze Strikes

Hello everyone!

SO. It’s been an eventful few days to say the least. Last time we spoke, I was chilling in a cafe in Kuala Lumpur contemplating our imminent trip to a Malaysian island called Langkawi, where the Kids had reserved us a beautiful guest house close to the beach with a spacious garden, hammocks and lots of pussy (give yourself a slap, I’m talking about kittens). Continue reading


Hello from misty/smoggy/dangerously-polluted Kuala Lumpur!

The Kids and I have been in the Malaysian capital since Wednesday. The arrival was smooth enough up to the point of exiting the LRT (Light Rail Transit) station closest to the hotel, at which point Boy and Girl’s sense of direction disintegrated in the humid rain leading to, you guessed it, an onslaught of tutting from Her Royal Girlness and squabbling over which way to go. As usual Girl was right. Continue reading

Rats and the ongoing laundry saga

Aye oop me dooks (Boy taught me that)!

First of all, a quick update on the ongoing laundry debacle. After more than three failed trips to the launderette, the Kids finally succeeded in persuading the laundry lady to take their smelly clothes off their hands. This was Wednesday. Hilariously, the clothes will not be ready until Friday evening. Let’s just say that the Kids were in desperate need of new clothes on Tuesday. I can’t confirm for definite, but I am verging on certain that Boy has not worn underwear for three days… Continue reading

New friends, sweaty backs and massages

Well hello everybody!

I’ll be honest. I’m pissed off. Guess who went to the massage parlour on Friday night? Yep. Boy, Girl and Yours Truly. Guess who actually received a massage at aforementioned massage parlour? Clue. NOT BLOODY ME. To add salt to a bleading gash, guess who spent an hour crumpled in a bag next to a certain hairy, clumsy oath (who may or may not be called Boy) while THEY received a massage? Not even answering that…

At least it sounded like it hurt.

Continue reading